Constantly buy quality sites

Do you want to sell a site that is simply no longer needed due to circumstances, or is it a shame to disconnect it from the network? We will purchase a reasonably priced web project if it meets our standards, which you can see below. The website will fall into good hands and will be optimized and promoted. We do not practice changing the concept and semantic load of a site. Please note that no online store or site exchange will give you a real price for the product - you can do a lot of business with us, because we are interested in high-quality sites on various topics.

Site language

We buy

in German
in French
in Italian
in Spanish

Don't buy

in Russian
in Ukrainian
in Belarusian
in Kazakhstan
and the languages ​​of the CIS countries

Main criteria

  • participation from 50 visitors
  • site age of at least 3 months
  • any topic
  • renewable domain

We do not buy sites

Sites without indicators and / or traffic
Main income from offline activities